Sunday, September 19, 2010



Barringtonia acutangula 

 Freshwater Mangrove  E

Mudilla S

Kadappai  T

Barringtonia is an evergreen tree of moderate size, Red flowers are produced on pendulous racemes about 20cm long.. This species grows on the banks of freshwater rivers, the edges of freshwater swamps and lagoons

Saturday, September 18, 2010



Alpinia calcarata

Aratta  S

Snap Ginger  E

Native to India, leaves dull dark green, lighter undersides. White with yellow and red variegated fragrant flowers resembling snapdragons.




Centranthera indica 

Dutusatutu      S

Undir kani is an erect herb, growing up to 10-50 cm high. The stem is stout, bristled and erect. Linear, stalk-less leaves, 1-3 cm long, flowers bloom in the leaf axils in September. The rose colored flowers are funnel shaped, 2 cm long. 

Wel Tibbatu

Solanum trilobatum
Wal tibbatu  S
Purple Fruited Pea Eggplant,  E
Tuduvalai      T
Purple Fruited Pea Eggplant is a thorny creeper with bluish violet flower, more commonly available in Southern India has been used traditionally in Siddha system of medicines to treat various diseases.

Wal eguru


.Zingiber zerumbet
Wal iguru   S
Bitter ginger   Shampoo ginger  E
Shampoo ginger is a tall upright ginger growing up to 9' tall with long, narrow leaves.
It has cone shaped bracts.

Divi kaduru

 Pagiantha dichotoma
Divi-kaduru (S);
 Nanthia vattai (T
Moderate size tree found in wet zone. Roots are poisonous Fruit   glabrous, orange when ripe. Seeds with a coat of crimson pulp



Cinchona    E

Four species of Cinchona were cultivated for many years, primarily in Java and also in India and Srilanka  Their bark was processed to obtain quinine, which is used in the treatment of malaria and for fever and pain, and quinidine